Tuscan manufacturer Company of artists’ canvases in rolls


In the last 60 years Leonardesca has been the brand name for the production of canvas for painting supports. The handicraft skill together with the newest industrial techniques and the choice of excellent quality yarns contribute to the realization of canvases with unique characteristics.

The wide range of cotton, polycotton, jute and linen canvases in rolls can satisfy all the different requests: from the classical oil priming, for oil and extrafine colours, to the very absorbent gesso priming suitable for all pictorial techniques, to the universal priming for oil and acrylic colours and tempera.

The Story

Quello che è essenziale è perfetto
Leonardo Da Vinci

Since 1947 Leonardesca has been an excellence brand in the field of fine arts: in the famous homonymous manufacturer company the canvases were hand-primed by using natural based receipt; the drying of the canvas was open air from one to three days depending on the kind of coating (oil or gesso). The place where the canvases were dried were characterized by constant temperature and humidity to achieve an optimal final result.